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  • Dec, 30 2019
    Danielle Rubin
    My one star is based off of cleanliness alone. I base where I'm going to eat off of cleanliness of the of the establishment amongst other things like Cuisine Etc. Now this is Subway so I know what to expect however the first thing I noticed was when the girl asked me what type of bread I wanted. She opened the door and the door fell off! The girl did not know what to do so she said do you mind if I call my boss. I told her to go ahead. My daughter and I turned around and the refrigerator was broken! So then I said wow this Subway needs some updating. This led me to look around and I noticed all of the dust, floor wasn't mopped, and dirty napkins on the floor. This got me to thinking what does the back look like where they store the food. Plus my biggest pet peeve about Subway is the way they treat the knife can they please wash it instead of scraping it against the metal counter?! I just think this Subway needs to be really renovated and cleaned. Because right now I don't even want to eat my sandwich!
  • Apr, 18 2019
    Thomas Morin
    Several bad experiences with this Subway shop in Terryville all involving whom we believe is the owner.
    Stopped in to grab a quick sub to bring home. The owner was on her smart phone and would not make eye contact with me. After waiting 3 - 5min I left and didn't return for several months.
    2nd visit was waiting in a queue and the guy making subs asked what I would like which I quickly responded to have a tuna sub. The owner looked at him and said we are all out of tuna (which was true) but the guy said he could make some for me. The owner said that would take to long rather you order something else (I left without anything).
    3rd Visit my wife goes in (I won't go there anymore) and no one was around. After several minutes the owner popped out and asked my wife what she would like. My wife asked for the chopped salad. The owner did not want to make the chopped salad and told my wife in so many words it would be too difficult. Needless to say this owner needs to go and let somebody run this operation that is interested in making money.
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